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Mario Perazzi

It is the passion

The painting of Maggi is hard to catalogue (but does the catalogation have to have one sense only?) but it attracts at first sight. Let’s do not forget to think what Maggi’s paintings conceal ( which will take us back to the arguments of being easy). At first sight, his painting seems to be a representation of the reality; landscapes of southern Italy, Venice and Navigli, faces and figures, flowers.

A reality apparently banal and figuratively common as one would say. But of common and banal there is nothing. In all his paintings, even in the less successful and repetitive ones there is always something hidden which is summed up in a single word. It is the passion. Passion ( described in “Dizionario della lingua italiana” of Devoto-Oli) is considered as a moment of the interior life, relevant to the world of affection and emotion, as well as the power to fulfil particular actions or to have the control of their consciousness. This last definition also reminds us of an old saying that is “Made with passion”.

Mario Perazzi

Guido Vergani

Maggi, the simplicity of love

I was familiar the work and paintings of Giampietro Maggi. a milanese myself, I also knew his Milan, as he saw it and impressed it on canvas slightly before it was bulldozed by modernist demands, the milan of the Navigli and the Darsena, that survive ib his fewrenderings that call to mind certain landscapes paintings of the 19th century.

Guido Vergani